Lemon Filled Disaster, A Eugeena Patterson Mystery, Book 3

Lemon Filled Disaster
Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Book 3
Author: Tyora Moody

RELEASE DATE: Winter 2018

Retiree Eugeena Patterson has picked up some new activities which include volunteering at an afterschool program and helping her future daughter-in-law plan a wedding. Eugeena is more than thrilled to see her son, Dr. Cedric Patterson, a longtime bachelor soon wed his girlfriend, Carmen Alpine.

During wedding planning errands, Eugeena notices a man is tailing her and Carmen. When Eugeena finds out the man is Carmen’s ex-husband, this lessens her enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials, especially since Carmen had failed to share this information about her past.

Later, when that man is found dead, Carmen becomes a suspect. As Eugeena begins to investigate Carmen’s past, she’s wondering if this wedding will ever happen.

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